It is day 2 of my walk following CityOfSydney’s app, Culture Walks. This time it is the “Centre”, a walk consisting of 12 sites from Chinatown to Circular Quay. Like the “Port”, some of the sites will definitely look amazing at night and hopefully, there will be another chance to do it at night time.

Come and let’s trace the “Centre” culture walk.

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I stumbled upon an app called CityOfSydney’s Culture Walks and as I am pretty much eager to do a street photography, I decided to follow one, and I’ve chosen, the “Port”. The “Port” is a walk around Pyrmont which was one of the early industrial and maritime sites in Sydney.

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.

In my walk yesterday, it took me 3 hours to see all the sites listed in the app. It’s an extra hour compared to what was described which is between 1 to 2 hours. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and hopefully be able to trace it again at night time.

Let’s walk together and discover the Port in daytime through the pictures through these pictures and anything that’s around it.

Watch out for the next walk…

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Detoxifying Ride

Having a new phone with so much storage space, I became an impulsive apps installer. I searched every apps I thought I need and important. I even installed popular apps thinking that I might use in the future. As time went by, I kept accumulating and installing additional apps until the storage space became full and I had to buy a memory card for additional storage space.

When the memory card broke, i’m happy that I did not replace it with new one but to install a new apps, I had to review the other apps and replace the ones I seldom use. But it did not occur to me to remove all the apps that is similar in functions or those I have not used since it was initially installed.

Traveling to office, which is a good one hour travel, I had time to review all the apps I have and started to remove apps that have similar in functions and I seldomly used. After removing them, I reflected and found similarities in some aspects of my life.

Aside from the normal responsibilities, I learnt additional new skills, accepted multiple tasks and still did other activities that sometimes, they happen simultaneously. Unlike with the apps that you can easily remove when you have the time and opportunity, these responsibilities are difficult to “uninstall”.

Though, having multiple responsibilities will make you good at time management, it will make you exhausted as well which might lead to burnout.

Part 1 of my Daily Train Commute Writings

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Learning Photography

This is what I’m learning at the moment. I thought, photography is just point and shoot, nothing more than aiming your camera to what you want to capture and that’s it. But I found that it’s not just that, as simple as pressing the shutter button, the opposite works for photography. There are many technicalities that I need to be familiar, from using your camera to composing your image. Depending on the type of photography you want, you are constrained with the device that you’re holding but I guess, whatever device it is, we can make the best of what we have right now.


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This is my running gear, what’s yours?

Winter is coming soon but no matter what, these are my essential gears.

Hat. Well I can do without it but for those times that the sun is up and those times that I felt running out of bed, it comes handy.

Sunnies. Obvious, isn’t it?

Fitbit. I’ve just started using using Fitbit this year and so far I’m loving it.

Runkeeper. I love this app. I chose this among the many similar apps because of simplicity and it always delivers. I had never experienced issues with it.

Vibram Fivefingers. In the early days of my running, I’d love running with Mizuno shoes. I’ve completed few marathons in them. When I saw runners wearing this weird looking shoes, I became curious and wanted to find out what is it and how does it feel to run with them. They say it’s close to running barefoot which is a cool thing and you felt your touching earth literally. I remembered, the first Vibram Fivefingers I had, I ordered it overseas and used it till the sole is completely worn out.

Are you into running? What’s your gear?

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The first key to writing

A scene in Finding Forrester movie.

JM – [looking at the typewriter]
WF – What are you doing?
JM – I’m thinking.
WF – The first key to writing is to write… not to think.

This hits me. I have been contemplating of writing long ago but never materialized. I can’t say that it’s because I have no time but maybe it’s not for me. Maybe I don’t have what it takes to be a writer or blogger.

In 2014, I started this blog. After writing a few blogs, I stopped and just restarted again this year. I realized, I haven’t written a whole lot. To be exact, i’ve written 12 blogs up to this. What have I been doing ? Thinking?

I agreed, when William Forrester told Jamal Wallace that quote. Immediately after hearing that conversation, I went upstairs, grab my laptop and started this article. I was challenged to write before you think. But since I’m writing this while finishing the movie, I’m distracted and I thinking before writing or rather thinking while writing and watching the movie. I guess, if we are focused on the task at hand, we will accomplish great things.

Well, lucky for me, I don’t have to follow the rules of writing like starting with conjunctions and all. In this case, I just write what comes from my mind.

Inspired by Finding Forrester movie.

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I’m confused!

Last week for no reason, I’ve just started running. My goal is to follow a public Facebook group called City2Surf 100 Day Challenge’s training plan. Two days ago I run for 6.8km and today 7km. But City2Surf 100 Day Challenge has not started, it’s suppose to start last week. Now I’m confused what mileage to start with.

Thank God, I started running last week. I guess sometimes for no reason, when your desire to do so something is great, you just have to start. Just pick up your sneaker and go run.

I guess i’ll just re-start my mileage and follow City2Surf 100 Day Challenge later.

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And the training begins…

Yesterday, i’m so keen to run. I planned to do a MWF training but the weather is uncooperative. It’s been raining and at this season, if i’m not lucky, I might catch a virus.

Today, it was such a wonderful weather. The sun is up with an almost winter chill which made running like a breeze.

Along the way, i saw a line of emptied garbage bins. The same way that we throw the garbage in our houses and the bins emptied, running is like detox. You perspire and releases all the bad toxins.

Knowing that you’re doing it for charity, you get more inspired and motivated and somehow your body reacts positively. And thats good.

6.8kms completed in 45mins but I’m suppose to run 5kms only. Anyway, till next time guys.

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Why do I run?

Looking back in 2005, I didn’t even started running. The first event I joined was called The New Paper Big Walk, a mass walking event. Experiencing the excitement of having multitudes walking together to achieve one goal, which is to reach the finish line increased my desire to start running.

As years went by, the strides became faster, walking became running, distance kept increasing, training became frequent, bus or train rides became training runs, personal bests kept improving but the goal remains the same, to cross that finish line. There were even times that geometry was involved as the run became vertical which I loved the most.

Now, running became slow, training became rare, but since joining City2Surf in 2013, I found a new motivation. Though, the goal remains the same, but now, instead of just running to cross that finish line, I help a charity to raise funds to support the education of the students they send to schools. To see them finish school is fulfilling, to see them finish with honors is a bonus.

In August 2016, there’s another bonus, as I will be accompanied by my whole family, we will run and fundraise again for these students.

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In case you’d like to find out and help in our fundraising, check out our fundraising page. Thank you in advance, your support will be greatly appreciated.

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Earth, yours, mine and our future generations home. A view from our home.


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