Port Stephens

The Journey.

Port Stephens is a beautiful and great holiday destination. Just above Sydney, it’s just 2 1/2 hours to drive. Travelling by car is fairly easy via Pacific Motorway. Alternatively, one can reach Port Stephens by boat from Sydney as well.

Going to Port Stephens, we stayed at Middle Rock Holiday Resort along Gan Gan Rd, One Mile. The place offers apartments, cabins and camping sites suited for everyone. We did enjoyed our stay there and the customer service was exceptional. There are many other places to stay and accommodations are catered for everyone, from individuals to backpackers to families and they are situated closed to many attractions.

On the second day, it was a busy day. We explored Port Stephens as much as we possibly can. From One Mile Beach to Birubi Beach and Stockton Beach which is where Stockton Sand Dunes is located where one could do sandboarding, camel riding, quad bike and 4WD. Next, we went to Soldiers Point and see the little harbour. Next we went to Fingal Bay to see the Fingal Beach and Box Beach followed by Shoal Bay which is near the base of Tomaree Headland Lookout, a 30mins climb to the summit depending on ones fitness level. Next, we head to Nelson Head Heritage Lighthouse for a cuppa and enjoyed the panoramic view of the entrance to Port Stephens. Next is the d’Albora Marinas in Nelson Bay where you can catch a beautiful sunset. Lastly, went to Gan Gan Hill Lookout to catch the last glimpse of light of Port Stephens sunset. Saving the best for last, we headed back to d’Albora Marinas and boarded a Moonshadow Cruises for the most awesome experience of our trip, whale and dolphin watching. We’ve also treated a wonderful view of the coastline and the surrounding islands. And no matter how rough the seas were, we are never refused to see the magnificent humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and Australian seals. It was so special because its been a long time since being on the rough seas again.

The Discovery.

Go and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Humpback Whale


Journey to Discover.

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