Pay it forward

The Journey.

After a two days retreat and before heading home, my family decided to visit Echo Point, where you could see the majestic Three Sisters. At that time Echo Point was already full with visitors and tourists and so parking was really difficult. It was only after we made one more round that we found a spot. Upon parking and before leaving the car, we noticed that the next car is leaving and before he reversed, he handed to us his parking ticket. To our surprise, the ticket have almost an hour to go before it expires. We’re so grateful to him at it saved us paying the parking fee. It was a wonderful gesture that we decided to repay. And by repaying it is to pay it forward.

In the succeeding days, I was constantly making an effort to find the opportunity pay it forward but it never happened. Sometimes, when we’re so eager for events to happen when we want, where we want and it’s not happening, we became frustrated. Anf that what i’ve felt as the days progressed. Eventually, i ended up to just wait and let things happen as it is.

Indeed, opportunity comes when you least expect it.

About two months after we received that blessing, an opportunity comes to pay it forward. This time it was not just an hour parking but the whole day. Giving them the parking ticket, we saw the same reaction we had when we were in that situation. Reluctant and surprised at first but grateful in the end.

So do we stop at one to give back? Do we stop in paying it forward? No, it must be a continous cycle. It doesn’t matter how we feel about it. What matters is just to keep it on and pay it forward.

The Discovery.

Go and pay it forward.


Journey to Discover.

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