So you’re in IT, you must have a good job!

The Journey.

I was amused a while ago while walking back to office after attending to a customer.

On the way, I overheard one of the three lady saying “He’s having a good job. He’s in IT.”

My initial reaction was being defensive. Being in IT does not necessarily guarantee of having a “good job”. A “good job” is subjective and depends for every person. If you’re working in a 24/7 environment, always standby, always on-call, it may not be a good job depending on your situation. If you’re single it could be a good job but if one have a family, its the opposite.

It came to a point where i compared IT job with being a doctor. In IT, there are hierarchical level in your customer while being a doctor there’s one, everyone is a patient. Unlike in IT, there are special level of treatment depending on the level of the customer and this could lead for a person to feel that he has a “bad job”. 

Talking about the jobs financial aspect, it is the same as the other professions. Just like professions that comes with responsibility, the financial aspects may be higher but everyone still comes from the basic package and it grows as one’s experience grow. Salary is just but one aspect of the IT job. 

What about time? Still it depends on your role. For some working in 24/7 environment, IT may not be a “good job” because it may rob us of other important time like family time. For some working in 8/5 environment, IT may be a “good job” because one own their weekend. So it all depends on one’s role.


The Discovery.

So, is it really about financial or time that make a job a “good job”?

For me it doesn’t matter what job I have, what salary I receives or what time environment I’m in. What matters is that I love what I’m doing, that I still have time for other important matters (for my case, my family) and most importantly I grow not just career wise but as a person as well.

So, the question is, do you have a good job? I hope you do.


Journey to Discover.

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