Today, I was upgrading a laptop. I started at 4pm and 7 and a half hours later, it’s still at 58%. Base on experience, it takes longer than usual for Windows to complete the upgrading. I am not in a hurry though, so I guess it’s fine.

So what is the process of upgrading?

First, it will evaluate the laptops compatibility for new system. Just like our life, we when want to “upgrade” something in our life, we make a self-evaluation. Unlike laptops where the criteria is definite and the result will lead to the second step or if it fails, you’ll be stuck with the old version of your laptop, our criteria changes and though the path will be the same, the process will take a very long time until we finalized our criteria.

Second, on successful evaluation, the laptop will download the upgrade. In order to succeed downloading the upgrade, it has to be connected throughout the process. A disconnection will stop the whole process and sometimes disrupt the laptop from operating properly. The same way as we improve ourselves, we need to be connected either to someone or something until the process is completed. In order to do that, we must be focused and committed.

Lastly, after downloading successfully, the upgrade starts. Now this process, once successful will completely change the system. You’ll become a new person, a better person which is the end goal of the whole process.

During the whole process, the laptop is connected to a power source otherwise, it will fail to complete the process. As we evaluate, assess and improve ourselves, cling on to someone who will give you strength, who will guide you and help you succeed to become a new and better you.

Finally, eight hours after, the upgrading was completed. Now it’s your turn.


Journey to Discover.

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