Why do I run?

Looking back in 2005, I didn’t even started running. The first event I joined was called The New Paper Big Walk, a mass walking event. Experiencing the excitement of having multitudes walking together to achieve one goal, which is to reach the finish line increased my desire to start running.

As years went by, the strides became faster, walking became running, distance kept increasing, training became frequent, bus or train rides became training runs, personal bests kept improving but the goal remains the same, to cross that finish line. There were even times that geometry was involved as the run became vertical which I loved the most.

Now, running became slow, training became rare, but since joining City2Surf in 2013, I found a new motivation. Though, the goal remains the same, but now, instead of just running to cross that finish line, I help a charity to raise funds to support the education of the students they send to schools. To see them finish school is fulfilling, to see them finish with honors is a bonus.

In August 2016, there’s another bonus, as I will be accompanied by my whole family, we will run and fundraise again for these students.

A post for Weekly Discover Challenge, topic is Raison D’être

In case you’d like to find out and help in our fundraising, check out our fundraising page. Thank you in advance, your support will be greatly appreciated.


Journey to Discover.

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