And the training begins…

Yesterday, i’m so keen to run. I planned to do a MWF training but the weather is uncooperative. It’s been raining and at this season, if i’m not lucky, I might catch a virus.

Today, it was such a wonderful weather. The sun is up with an almost winter chill which made running like a breeze.

Along the way, i saw a line of emptied garbage bins. The same way that we throw the garbage in our houses and the bins emptied, running is like detox. You perspire and releases all the bad toxins.

Knowing that you’re doing it for charity, you get more inspired and motivated and somehow your body reacts positively. And thats good.

6.8kms completed in 45mins but I’m suppose to run 5kms only. Anyway, till next time guys.


Journey to Discover.

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