This is my running gear, what’s yours?

Winter is coming soon but no matter what, these are my essential gears.

Hat. Well I can do without it but for those times that the sun is up and those times that I felt running out of bed, it comes handy.

Sunnies. Obvious, isn’t it?

Fitbit. I’ve just started using using Fitbit this year and so far I’m loving it.

Runkeeper. I love this app. I chose this among the many similar apps because of simplicity and it always delivers. I had never experienced issues with it.

Vibram Fivefingers. In the early days of my running, I’d love running with Mizuno shoes. I’ve completed few marathons in them. When I saw runners wearing this weird looking shoes, I became curious and wanted to find out what is it and how does it feel to run with them. They say it’s close to running barefoot which is a cool thing and you felt your touching earth literally. I remembered, the first Vibram Fivefingers I had, I ordered it overseas and used it till the sole is completely worn out.

Are you into running? What’s your gear?


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