Detoxifying Ride

Having a new phone with so much storage space, I became an impulsive apps installer. I searched every apps I thought I need and important. I even installed popular apps thinking that I might use in the future. As time went by, I kept accumulating and installing additional apps until the storage space became full and I had to buy a memory card for additional storage space.

When the memory card broke, i’m happy that I did not replace it with new one but to install a new apps, I had to review the other apps and replace the ones I seldom use. But it did not occur to me to remove all the apps that is similar in functions or those I have not used since it was initially installed.

Traveling to office, which is a good one hour travel, I had time to review all the apps I have and started to remove apps that have similar in functions and I seldomly used. After removing them, I reflected and found similarities in some aspects of my life.

Aside from the normal responsibilities, I learnt additional new skills, accepted multiple tasks and still did other activities that sometimes, they happen simultaneously. Unlike with the apps that you can easily remove when you have the time and opportunity, these responsibilities are difficult to “uninstall”.

Though, having multiple responsibilities will make you good at time management, it will make you exhausted as well which might lead to burnout.

Part 1 of my Daily Train Commute Writings


Journey to Discover.

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