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It is day 2 of my walk following CityOfSydney’s app, Culture Walks. This time it is the “Centre”, a walk consisting of 12 sites from Chinatown to Circular Quay. Like the “Port”, some of the sites will definitely look amazing at

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I stumbled upon an app called CityOfSydney’s Culture Walks and as I am pretty much eager to do a street photography, I decided to follow one, and I’ve chosen, the “Port”. The “Port” is a walk around Pyrmont which was one of

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Detoxifying Ride

Having a new phone with so much storage space, I became an impulsive apps installer. I searched every apps I thought I need and important. I even installed popular apps thinking that I might use in the future. As time

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Learning Photography

This is what I’m learning at the moment. I thought, photography is just point and shoot, nothing more than aiming your camera to what you want to capture and that’s it. But I found that it’s not just that, as

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This is my running gear, what’s yours?

Winter is coming soon but no matter what, these are my essential gears. Hat. Well I can do without it but for those times that the sun is up and those times that I felt running out of bed, it

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The first key to writing

A scene in Finding Forrester movie. JM – [looking at the typewriter] WF – What are you doing? JM – I’m thinking. WF – The first key to writing is to write… not to think. This hits me. I have been

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I’m confused!

Last week for no reason, I’ve just started running. My goal is to follow a public Facebook group called City2Surf 100 Day Challenge’s training plan. Two days ago I run for 6.8km and today 7km. But City2Surf 100 Day Challenge has

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And the training begins…

Yesterday, i’m so keen to run. I planned to do a MWF training but the weather is uncooperative. It’s been raining and at this season, if i’m not lucky, I might catch a virus. Today, it was such a wonderful

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Why do I run?

Looking back in 2005, I didn’t even started running. The first event I joined was called The New Paper Big Walk, a mass walking event. Experiencing the excitement of having multitudes walking together to achieve one goal, which is to reach

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Earth, yours, mine and our future generations home. A view from our home. A post for Weekly Photo Challenge.

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