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This is my running gear, what’s yours?

Winter is coming soon but no matter what, these are my essential gears. Hat. Well I can do without it but for those times that the sun is up and those times that I felt running out of bed, it

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I’m confused!

Last week for no reason, I’ve just started running. My goal is to follow a public Facebook group called City2Surf 100 Day Challenge’s training plan. Two days ago I run for 6.8km and today 7km. But City2Surf 100 Day Challenge has

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And the training begins…

Yesterday, i’m so keen to run. I planned to do a MWF training but the weather is uncooperative. It’s been raining and at this season, if i’m not lucky, I might catch a virus. Today, it was such a wonderful

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Why do I run?

Looking back in 2005, I didn’t even started running. The first event I joined was called The New Paper Big Walk, a mass walking event. Experiencing the excitement of having multitudes walking together to achieve one goal, which is to reach

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City2Surf 2016

The event is not happening anytime soon but it’s time to start the training. This is my 4th City2Surf now and this time, its not just me running. Not just with my son but with the whole family. Hopefully nobody

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