City2Surf 2016

The event is not happening anytime soon but it’s time to start the training. This is my 4th City2Surf now and this time, its not just me running. Not just with my son but with the whole family. Hopefully nobody backs out along the way.

One of the most important this we will run again this year is to support our chosen charity, CFC ANCOP Australia.

Who and what CFC ANCOP Australia does:
● a non-profit non-government company established in Australia since 2002.
● a registered tax-deductible charity organization with the Australian Tax Office.
● established 31 Villages in the Philippines and helped one in Papua New Guinea.
● continue to sustain these villages by providing education and livelihood.
● sends 90 students in PNG; 30 students in Solomon Islands; and 480 students in Philippines to school annually.

Click the link to find out more about CFC ANCOP Australia.

Journey with us as we train ourselves for the run and support us as we raise funds through our fundraising page, for CFC ANCOP Australia.

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Peace, what the worlds always wanted. What every person desires. The easiest thing we hoped for, but the most difficult to achieve.

Individually, peace cannot be achieved. No matter how hard a person work for it, even at the cost of his life, it will not be achieved. Others might be inspired, they might continue the legacy but it
will not withstand the opposing forces. It needs not a balance but there should be more who proposes to it than against it.


Look at the above picture, i only successfully lined them up after four tries. Unless more people helped me, we would have lined up the stones in one try. Likewise collectively and doing simultaneously, it can be achieved.


So what shall you do? Let’s go!

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Today, I was upgrading a laptop. I started at 4pm and 7 and a half hours later, it’s still at 58%. Base on experience, it takes longer than usual for Windows to complete the upgrading. I am not in a hurry though, so I guess it’s fine.

So what is the process of upgrading?

First, it will evaluate the laptops compatibility for new system. Just like our life, we when want to “upgrade” something in our life, we make a self-evaluation. Unlike laptops where the criteria is definite and the result will lead to the second step or if it fails, you’ll be stuck with the old version of your laptop, our criteria changes and though the path will be the same, the process will take a very long time until we finalized our criteria.

Second, on successful evaluation, the laptop will download the upgrade. In order to succeed downloading the upgrade, it has to be connected throughout the process. A disconnection will stop the whole process and sometimes disrupt the laptop from operating properly. The same way as we improve ourselves, we need to be connected either to someone or something until the process is completed. In order to do that, we must be focused and committed.

Lastly, after downloading successfully, the upgrade starts. Now this process, once successful will completely change the system. You’ll become a new person, a better person which is the end goal of the whole process.

During the whole process, the laptop is connected to a power source otherwise, it will fail to complete the process. As we evaluate, assess and improve ourselves, cling on to someone who will give you strength, who will guide you and help you succeed to become a new and better you.

Finally, eight hours after, the upgrading was completed. Now it’s your turn.

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New Year’s Resolution

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Wait a minute! It’s the 7th day of the year and we’re still talking about New Year’s Resolution. Does it really matter?

According to Oxford Dictionary, resolution means “firm decision to do or not to do something”. Something that you will do and you have to achieve. Something that you will commit yourself to achieve that result. That even if you face hardships or barriers, you will overcome them to stay with the goal and eventually achieve the result. Because of this, most do not commit to have a New Year’s Resolution. Instead, we set goals.

By setting goals, we put ourselves inline with it but without the full commitment that resolution requires. So my goal for this year includes:

  1. To give more
  2. To learn new skill
  3. To discover more church
  4. To visit new places
  5. To be active here

And why did I wrote them here, so that I could go back at the end of the year and see if I achieved them otherwise it’ll be gone with the wind. What about your goals or resolutions?

Well, you still have time to think about it. Go ahead.

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On Being Content

The Journey.

Reading Joyce Meyer’s Promises for Your Everyday Life on ‘Learning to Be Content in Every Situation” made me realize that it’s not easy to do it. She further said that “Contentment is a decision to be happy with what you already have.” I guess this is easier to accept because the situation that we’re in may be of our own doing. But I firmly believe that we can dream of having a much better life that what we currently have but this should not be the main goal.

Few years ago, a good friend of mine who also happened to be an ex-colleague and joined my previous company as consultant asked me what made me stay for that company for so long. Just to give everyone an idea, I worked for that company for 12 years. I believe that there are other people who stayed or still in the same company longer that I am. Like me, they too have their own reason why they stayed or still staying. My friend and I knew that being a consultant gives a higher pay than being regular in a company, discounting the benefits of course. And I remember, my answer was just a simple words, “I’m content with what I have here and I’m happy with it.” And I’m glad she honoured my answer, because I can’t really explain or expound my answer. I don’t know what else to say. Until now, if ever somebody else will ask me again, my answer will be the same as how I answered my friend.

When I answered my friend at that time, I remembered that there’s something about being content I read in the bible, Phil 4:12 NIV “I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” I guess this is sufficient for me why I’m content with what I have.

But do I crave for something else, like a better of this and that. Indeed, I’m also susceptible in such things. It’s easy to be caught in that situation where one crave for much better things.

In this time, the world teaches us to accumulate things, teaches us to pursue better things, to be always on top of others. And to counter that, it’s up to you and I to know our boundaries and examine ourselves, what will make us happy and content. But let us not forget that being content with what we have doesn’t mean we should not aspire for better things. We still can do it but I hope not at the expense of other more important things.

The Discovery.

Just as what Joyce Meyer said, being content is being happy with what you have and I hope that, that’s our goal. I pray and wish you happiness everyday.

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So you’re in IT, you must have a good job!

The Journey.

I was amused a while ago while walking back to office after attending to a customer.

On the way, I overheard one of the three lady saying “He’s having a good job. He’s in IT.”

My initial reaction was being defensive. Being in IT does not necessarily guarantee of having a “good job”. A “good job” is subjective and depends for every person. If you’re working in a 24/7 environment, always standby, always on-call, it may not be a good job depending on your situation. If you’re single it could be a good job but if one have a family, its the opposite.

It came to a point where i compared IT job with being a doctor. In IT, there are hierarchical level in your customer while being a doctor there’s one, everyone is a patient. Unlike in IT, there are special level of treatment depending on the level of the customer and this could lead for a person to feel that he has a “bad job”. 

Talking about the jobs financial aspect, it is the same as the other professions. Just like professions that comes with responsibility, the financial aspects may be higher but everyone still comes from the basic package and it grows as one’s experience grow. Salary is just but one aspect of the IT job. 

What about time? Still it depends on your role. For some working in 24/7 environment, IT may not be a “good job” because it may rob us of other important time like family time. For some working in 8/5 environment, IT may be a “good job” because one own their weekend. So it all depends on one’s role.


The Discovery.

So, is it really about financial or time that make a job a “good job”?

For me it doesn’t matter what job I have, what salary I receives or what time environment I’m in. What matters is that I love what I’m doing, that I still have time for other important matters (for my case, my family) and most importantly I grow not just career wise but as a person as well.

So, the question is, do you have a good job? I hope you do.

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Pay it forward

The Journey.

After a two days retreat and before heading home, my family decided to visit Echo Point, where you could see the majestic Three Sisters. At that time Echo Point was already full with visitors and tourists and so parking was really difficult. It was only after we made one more round that we found a spot. Upon parking and before leaving the car, we noticed that the next car is leaving and before he reversed, he handed to us his parking ticket. To our surprise, the ticket have almost an hour to go before it expires. We’re so grateful to him at it saved us paying the parking fee. It was a wonderful gesture that we decided to repay. And by repaying it is to pay it forward.

In the succeeding days, I was constantly making an effort to find the opportunity pay it forward but it never happened. Sometimes, when we’re so eager for events to happen when we want, where we want and it’s not happening, we became frustrated. Anf that what i’ve felt as the days progressed. Eventually, i ended up to just wait and let things happen as it is.

Indeed, opportunity comes when you least expect it.

About two months after we received that blessing, an opportunity comes to pay it forward. This time it was not just an hour parking but the whole day. Giving them the parking ticket, we saw the same reaction we had when we were in that situation. Reluctant and surprised at first but grateful in the end.

So do we stop at one to give back? Do we stop in paying it forward? No, it must be a continous cycle. It doesn’t matter how we feel about it. What matters is just to keep it on and pay it forward.

The Discovery.

Go and pay it forward.

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Port Stephens

The Journey.

Port Stephens is a beautiful and great holiday destination. Just above Sydney, it’s just 2 1/2 hours to drive. Travelling by car is fairly easy via Pacific Motorway. Alternatively, one can reach Port Stephens by boat from Sydney as well.

Going to Port Stephens, we stayed at Middle Rock Holiday Resort along Gan Gan Rd, One Mile. The place offers apartments, cabins and camping sites suited for everyone. We did enjoyed our stay there and the customer service was exceptional. There are many other places to stay and accommodations are catered for everyone, from individuals to backpackers to families and they are situated closed to many attractions.

On the second day, it was a busy day. We explored Port Stephens as much as we possibly can. From One Mile Beach to Birubi Beach and Stockton Beach which is where Stockton Sand Dunes is located where one could do sandboarding, camel riding, quad bike and 4WD. Next, we went to Soldiers Point and see the little harbour. Next we went to Fingal Bay to see the Fingal Beach and Box Beach followed by Shoal Bay which is near the base of Tomaree Headland Lookout, a 30mins climb to the summit depending on ones fitness level. Next, we head to Nelson Head Heritage Lighthouse for a cuppa and enjoyed the panoramic view of the entrance to Port Stephens. Next is the d’Albora Marinas in Nelson Bay where you can catch a beautiful sunset. Lastly, went to Gan Gan Hill Lookout to catch the last glimpse of light of Port Stephens sunset. Saving the best for last, we headed back to d’Albora Marinas and boarded a Moonshadow Cruises for the most awesome experience of our trip, whale and dolphin watching. We’ve also treated a wonderful view of the coastline and the surrounding islands. And no matter how rough the seas were, we are never refused to see the magnificent humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins and Australian seals. It was so special because its been a long time since being on the rough seas again.

The Discovery.

Go and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Humpback Whale

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